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We're back!

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

The ICG Foundation previously known as The Arrows Group Foundation, was founded in 2015 when CEO of ICG Medial, Adrian Treacy, was on a business trip and came face to face with a girl no older than three, dragging a piece of carpet through the busy night-time streets. To his horror, he realised she was all alone, she wrapped herself in the carpet to lay down to sleep. "That piece of carpet was her bed for the night. It's all very well to know the facts and figures -but once you see just one child living like this, you know that you have to take the opportunity to help."

And so, the ICG Foundation was born, we began small with staff fundraising - quiz nights and cake bakes - but took the leap in 2017 to host a star-studded Charity Dinner in aid of Partner Charity Udayan Care, raising £55.000 in one night! To date the ICG Foundation has raised over £85,000.

This has been funding two Udayan Care homes in New Delhi, India – Nurturing children who are orphaned, abandoned or at-risk. Not only have we financially supported the girls in Udayan Care we have also held workshops and treated the girls to outings and days out hosted by ICG Medical Staff at our Global Office in India.

That brings us to 2019! We have a new name, a new logo and new goals! We want to jump back on the fundraising horse and raise enough funds to this time, not only continue to support the children in our two Udayan Care homes, but also to fund a project supporting disadvantaged children in the UK!

Will you join us?

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