ICG Foundation

Tackling child poverty, through employability

Founded in 2015, the ICG Foundation tackles child poverty, through employability.

The foundation empowers those born into child poverty by focussing on constructive causes including care, education, career readiness and, mentoring programmes in order to change the lives of individuals and families in the long term.

Delivering tangible benefits for benefit the community

Udayan Care Home

The ICG Foundation works closely with the Udayan Care Home in New Delhi, India, not only to deliver financial support, but also delivering volunteers through our own people and network. Udayan, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘eternal sunshine’ is a public charitable trust founded in 1994 working to empower vulnerable children, women and youth, in 14 cities across 9 states of India.

In 2015, the ICG Foundation team visited the local Udayan care home in Gurgaon. As part of the trip they took 13 girls to see ‘Zangoora’, a local live entertainment production at a venue called the Kingdom of Dreams. For many of the girls at Udayan’s care homes, such an opportunity is rare and typically beyond their reach. The show made a huge impression on the girls, a just reward for those who had performed well in their studies and received good grades.

By 2021, the size of the working age group in India will be equivalent to three times the size of Europe’s working population and the majority of this group in India will be in the younger age range of 20-35 years, making India one of the youngest nation’s in the world.

Unfortunately, the potential of this dynamic group is in danger of remaining untapped by business due to limited access to employment opportunities. The ICG Foundation aspires to bridge this gap by providing education in the areas of Computing, IT and Finance & Accounting Skills.

As part of the Foundation’s mandate to improve employability, a group of colleagues and their partners visited the Udayan Information Technology Centre in Narsinghpur, Gurgaon to hold interactive workshops with 40 students.

The workshops were conducted on topics such as internet literacy, career guidance, and communication and presentation skills.

Career readiness

The ICG Foundation believes in supporting youth by imparting technological and vocational training that enables them to find jobs or set up their own businesses. Attention is also paid to development of essential skills for all-round employability such as Spoken English, Business Communication, Email Writing, and Telephone Etiquette. For the price of a cup of coffee every morning, the Foundation can support deserving and talented girls from weaker sections of society through the Udayan Shalini Fellowship. The Fellowship provides mentoring and monetary support so the girls can continue their secondary and tertiary education until they finish their course after five to six years.

As part of our career readiness cause and mentoring programme, we were privileged to welcome to our Gurgaon office some of the girls from the Udayan Care home. After a traditional Indian welcome with garlands of flowers, the girls were shown around the office and then set up a VC with Adrian Treacy (ICG Foundation Founder) to inspire and motivate them. Truth be told, it was the other way round and they continue to inspire those around them with their positive attitude and outlook, and remind us of why we are doing this.

Raising vital funds – over £85,000 donated

In 2016, the ICG Foundation team organised a charity dinner, hosted by the Royal Bank of Scotland’s UK headquarters. The evening began with an inspirational speech from Kenton Cool, one of the globes top mountain and ski expedition leaders. Kenton holds the British record for the most Mount Everest summit climbs, is the first Briton to descend skiing from an 8 kilometre peak and nominated for the prestigious Piolet d'Or mountaineering award. The event was a huge success and raised over £55,000 for our cause.

In 2016, and in aid of the ICG Foundation, 7 members of the team climbed Mount Blanc and impressively raised over £5,000 for the cause.

To date, the foundation has raised over £85,000 for our cause and has helped thousands of the most vulnerable young girls escape child poverty, through employability and empowerment.

Building new care homes

In 2017, Adrian Treacy, the founder of the ICG Foundation met with Kiran Modi, who has been the Honorary Managing Trustee of Udayan Care for nearly 25 years to sponsor the build of a new care home in India which will deliver care to up to 1,100 vulnerable women.

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